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Mental Health Intercept Map
Early Intervention

Early Intervention is the point when they start to go to specialized appointments. These appointments can be from a primary care physician, therapist, psychiatrist, etc.

Available Resources is in between intercept 0 and 1 because it is influenced by both.

Unfortunately, there are major holes in this intercept:

  • There is a lack of mental health professionals.

    • which can contribute to an increase in average wait times.

    • Statistics show that Arizona has a severe lack in professionals in rural areas—Arizona is mainly rural

  • There is a lack of knowledge as to what insurance covers in terms of behavioral health.

    • They either not explicitly state what they cover, or it is difficult to find.


To lessen these holes:

  • Promote behavioral health insurance coverage the same as physical health

  • Telehealth services—phone, online meeting, potential VR?

Enable self-help seeking for those with potential mild symptoms to prevent worsening.

Kelley Coronado
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