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Mental Health Intercept Map

This page is designed to explain AZYP’s Help & Hope for YOUth’s Mental Health Intercept Model and ways it can be implemented into communities that need it.

Arizona's Rankings

According to The State of Mental Health in America 2022, we are currently one of the worst ranked states in America for mental health. Our Youth is ranked 50 of 51* and our adults are ranked 42 of 51.
In the past eight years, the highest Arizona ranked overall was 28th.
*District of Columbia Included

Arizona Golden Barrels

Sequential Intercept Map

The Mental Health Intercept Model (MHIM) is adapted from the Sequential Intercept Model to focus on mental health and Implements the Mental Health Continuum.

The Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services (SAMHSA) created this model to help communities find gaps and resources for those with substance use and mental disorders, and how they encounter the criminal justice system.

For more information on their model, Click Here

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The Mental Health Continuum


Image of Mental Health Continuum from

The mental health continuum is a spectrum which everyone falls upon. It is something that is used to describe one’s current wellbeing and can change no a day to day or an hourly basis. If you feel like you have been in “surviving” or lower, it is encouraged to potentially seek to move through the MHIM. The continuum is categorized into five key categories.

This continuum is from Delphis. For a more detailed description, Click Here

It is important to understand that the descriptions are what people may feel. This is not an exhaustive list.

The Model

As previously mentioned, this model is meant to be adapted into our communities. With the background information out of the way, the model can be more effectively explained.


Mental Health Intercept Map

Based on where someone is at in the mental health continuum (and have been feeling less than thriving for the past few weeks), they may need to move forward into the model. The MHIM is made up of four intercepts: Prevention, Early Intervention, Treatment, and Recovery. At each intercept, we identified potential gaps and proposed solutions to prevent from moving forward into the model. Click on each button below to go through the four intercepts.

Please feel free to adapt this model to best fit your community. It is meant to be used to benefit mental health across Arizona.

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