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Arizona Youth Partnership offers opportunities for college students to gain hands-on work experience through our programs focused on substance abuse prevention, youth mental health support, youth homelessness support, youth and family programs, support for pregnant and parenting teens, as well as nonprofit development and communications projects.


Provide participants with valuable professional experience and insight into the nonprofit sector, while they develop their skills in areas such as

  • program planning

  • research

  • community outreach & engagement

  • developing and delivering presentations

  • working with diverse populations

  • collaborating with other professionals


eager to make a valuable contribution to Arizona youth, their families, and communities.

some higher education required, current undergraduate, graduate student, or recent graduate.

Leadership & Organization
capacity to prioritize tasks, detail, and deadlines with good self-care management, and work collaboratively with a team.

demonstrates a professional, confident, and caring demeanor when working with participants, partners, donors, and staff, good problem-solving skills, project management, and creative resourcefulness.


To demonstrate your new knowledge and skills, you will need to produce an original project that relates to the topic. Due to the variety of our programs offered across Arizona, internship projects' specifications may change.

Examples of these projects include:

  • submitting a curriculum for approval to a school board (AZYP staff)

  • creating and designing fresh content for social media and websites

  • organizing a community event

  • researching and organizing programs connected to the field

  • developing a project budget


Our internship opportunities are available throughout the state.  Click here to see our locations.

Click here to apply to a Youth Program Internship

Click here to apply to a Development & Communications Internship


What is the duration of the internship?
Our internships can range from a minimum of 6 weeks to 24 weeks. We can discuss accommodations during the interview process.

Are internships required to be full-time?
No. We can be flexible with your hour requirement, but ask you are mindful of our needs on some evening and weekend events.

Where can I find more information on AZYP’s service programs?
Information on our different divisions can be found here.

Is the internship paid?
Unfortunately, at this time our internships are not paid.

Can I apply any time of the year?
Yes. The need for interns throughout our organization arises all year long.

Do you only have internship opportunities in Tucson?
No*. We have offices throughout the state, which allows for more opportunities. Click here  to check out our locations page.
*If you are interested in a Development & Communications internship, this is only available in Tucson.

Does AZYP hire interns into full-time positions?
Many of our interns have gone on to full time jobs in the organization.

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