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Board Of Directors

Dylan Bearce

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Janel Lloyd

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Vice President

“As a child growing up, I never knew what services were out there or if they were even needed.  Having grown older and more clearly seeing the need, it is great to be able to support initiatives AZYP runs.  As the Board President, it is an honor to support those that are directly improving the lives of youth and their families in Arizona.” -Dylan

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Chuck Leefers


“I have served on the Board of Directors for Arizona Youth Partnership for more than 13 years and have seen it provide rural communities throughout Arizona with services focused on preventing poverty, and building self-sufficient youth and families. Every young person deserves to have all the tools they need to make the best possible life decisions. AZYP is a vital part of that process. The testimonies confirm, AZYP is a life-changer!”


Tianah Jimenez

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"AZYP is an organization that is near and dear to my heart. I once was a participant in the program TOPS, which later became Starting Out Right (SOR) with AZYP. 19-year-old, single and pregnant Me would never have dreamed of sitting as a board member a decade later, if not for the program. This organization changed my life for the better, and now it is my time to give back, and assist Arizona's youth in gaining access to programs directly improving lives of those they touch."


Tina Kullman

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Dale Fry

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“Often people ask me what does AZYP we do? There are many charities in the world but there are a select few that mentor teens/young adults/children that face the toughest challenges in life and that live in conditions that many of cannot imagine. The AZYP team works to teach and prevent risks to Arizona vulnerable children. We are teaching skills that promote resilience and consistency so that when they fall, when they get hit, when some less than pleasurable happens to them and they are down, they have what it takes to get back up and try again, AZYP teaches resilience, mentors and provides key skills for healthy lives.”
- Tina, formerly endangered teen, formerly a minority, formerly homeless, now productive citizen

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Don Cox

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Deborah Liverence

Jennifer Black

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Andrew Whitehill

Legal Counsel | Non-voting

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Oversight & Governance

Arizona Youth Partnership is governed by its bylaws and a 13-member board of directors. To ensure good governance, transparency, and financial security, an annual financial audit is conducted. Members of the board range in professional backgrounds and lived experience but share the passion to support and represent the mission.

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