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Youth and Family Division provides services to help youth develop healthy bodies, minds, and promote strong families.

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AZYP implements a variety of curriculums to educate youth and equip them with the skills and knowledge necessary to create successful healthy relationships.


A parent, youth, and family skills-building curriculum designed to strengthen parenting skills, build family strengths, prevent teen substance abuse and other behavior problems.


This free summer program provides a safe and fun environment for youth (ages 11-17) to learn how to succeed as a leader in their world. 

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Project VIP focuses on implementing comprehensive prevention and intervention approaches to combat violence against women...


Active Parenting: First Five Years is a parenting education program that works with parents and their children ages 0-5 on relationship improvement, mental health, and child well-being and behavior. Using a combination of cognitive-behavioral therapy, the understanding of emotion...


AIM 4 Teen Moms (AIM4TM) is an evidence-based intervention to reduce rapid repeat pregnancies among teen moms by helping teen mothers define specific life aspirations, engage in planning to successfully achieve them, and consider the role of contraception in their lives.


 LAHMB is dedicated to using the best methods to help you. We'll provide you with information, support, and connect you to services that can make a positive impact on your life.

Our Locations:

Services are provided statewide either in person or through virtual programming throughout the state of Arizona.

If you are interested in seeing one of our programs at your location please contact us. 

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