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Mental Health Intercept Map:


In this intercept, Education and Available Resources were key to prevention but gaps were present:

  • There was not a lack of information, but rather a lack of people knowing.

    • There are many resources and information available to the public, but why are they not being effectively used?

  • Most minors spend most of their time in school, but they are not actively learning about mental health.

  • Parents/ educational staff may not know about or may have stigmatizing views for getting help or about mental health in general

To this, some solutions may include:

  • Developing a course that can be talked about regularly for minors in school.

    • They could be a simple curriculum about what mental health is and that is it okay to talk about.

  • Train educators regularly in mental health.

    • This would reduce the tension some educators may feel when a student comes to them seeking help.

These together can reduce the stigma around seeking help by learning about what mental health is and decreasing stigmatizing vocabulary inside and outside of the classroom.

Kelley Coronado
P: 520.591.1490

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