Starting Out Right

Program Support Specialist and Health Educators are supporting future and current participants through in person and virtual formats. Please sign up or refer for our services in the link below!

Starting Out Right provides free health education and supportive services to pregnant and parenting adolescents ages 21 and younger, regardless of their financial situation. This program provides several classes including pregnancy health education, parenting education, healthy relationship classes, as well as many supportive services such as case management, support groups, free pregnancy tests and options counseling, a scholarship program, and Jensen’s Corner– a boutique of gently used baby and maternity items to purchase with SOR incentive dollars.


With help from Starting Out Right, adolescent parents are setting up both themselves and their children for future success and happiness. 

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For free pregnancy testing contact your local Starting Out Right Office.

What to expect: 

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Program Highlights

  • Pregnancy help education - 8 hours of healthy pregnancy classes and 10 hours of childbirth education classes 

  • Parenting education - 8 hours of classes 

  • Healthy relationship and life-skills educations - 12 hours of classes

  • Supportive case managements 

  • Support groups for pregnant and parenting teens

  • Jensen's Corner - a boutique of gently used baby and maternity items for participants to shop from with SOR incentive dollars 

  • FREE Pregnancy testing

  • Starting Out Right Scholarship Program