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Active Parenting: First Five Years

Parenting Classes Scheduled Monthly

Partnering with First Things First, Community Action Program, Globe area public libraries, Cobre Valley Regional Medical Center, Banner Payson Medical Center, Head Start of Gila County

  • Improve parent-child communication

  • Improve literacy in the home environment

  • Improve knowledge of positive
    parenting practices

  • Free to families with children aged 0-5

  • Funded by First Things First Gila County
    Regional Council

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Active Parenting: First Five Years is a multi-model parenting education program that works with parents and their children ages 0-5 on relationship improvement, mental health, and child well-being and behavior. Using a combination of cognitive-behavioral therapy, the understanding of emotion interacting with a child’s brain, and methods for academic success, our program’s goal is to achieve both kindergarten readiness and household well-being. 

A 4-week series of 2-hour classes including guided lessons, video components, a parent guide/workbook, and activities such as role-plays and skills practice to teach parents how to use logical consequences and positive discipline to reduce unacceptable behaviors in children. Participants receive a certificate at the time of program completion. 

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Charlene Becker
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