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AIM 4 Teen Moms

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AIM 4 Teen Moms (AIM4TM)* is an evidence-based intervention designed for teen moms by helping teen mothers define specific life aspirations, engage in planning to successfully achieve them, and consider the role of contraception in their lives.

AIM4TM is an eight-session program, consisting of six individual sessions and two group sessions. This intervention is delivered by a facilitator, known as an advisor, over the course of eight weeks.   AIM4TM engages teen moms in positive future thinking around a desired career goal.

The program is designed for mothers between the ages of 14-20 years old with at least one child and is provided for free virtually, across the state of Arizona.

Core Elements:

Thinking about a positive possible future

  • Through activities, and discussion, youth envision a positive future and set goals to achieve it

Present actions to achieve future success

  • Youth learn communication skills, how to identify their own strengths as well as needed resources and experience a sense of success through engagement in personal and group activities

Safeguarding one's future

  • Youth are encouraged to safeguard their future through risk reduction

Creating a reproductive life plan 

  • The curriculum incorporates knowledge of different methods of contraception and conceptualizes family planning as part of a larger holistic reproductive health agenda. Youth create a personalized reproductive life plans

Motherhood as an identity strength

  • The program acknowledges motherhood as a driving force that motivates many young mothers to succeed in life. Youth are encouraged to consider parenting as adding to the strengths and experiences useful to succeed rather than as a limiting factor in their life

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