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Copper Basin Coalition

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The Copper Basin Coalition has been functioning since 2006 as a grass roots community substance abuse coalition in the Globe/Miami area.  It began as a Drug Free Communities funded coalition supported by Arizona Youth Partnership.  That funding ended in 2011 and the Coalition has continued to provide youth and community programming since then with local support. 

The mission of the Copper Basin Coalition is to empower the youth and adults in Southern Gila County to choose a drug-free and healthy lifestyle by uniting citizens and organizations to reduce substance abuse and promote community safety through community-based education, awareness, and advocacy

The Coalition utilizes the Strategic Prevention Framework to design its yearly action plan utilizing proven strategies to lower youth use of drugs and alcohol and increase protective factors such as school and neighborhood attachment, conflict resolution skills, healthy parenting skills, and strong social supports. The Coalition works to build capacity in our communities for a healthier environment for families to raise healthy and successful youth.

Our Locations:

Globe, Arizona

Miami, Arizona 

Julie Craig 
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