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Wake Up!

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The Wake Up! program is funded in part by grants from the Arizona Governor's Office of Highway Safety and Union Pacific Community Ties.

Wake Up! is an alcohol and drug education program designed for young people aged 12-22. The program addresses behaviors and attitudes towards drugs and alcohol by exposing youth to real-life consequences of impaired decision making. Participants have the opportunity to reflect on their beliefs about alcohol and drug use, and the effect it has on their lives, family, friends, and our community.


Program Length & What to Expect

Please read thoroughly

Welcome to Session One – Orientation! (First Saturday of the Month 1:00-2:30pm)

In our first session, please bring your payments and all signed paperwork. We'll schedule hospital tours, discuss community service hours, and go over essay guidelines. Engage in activities and discussions, and view slides highlighting substance misuse-related deaths. Remember, program fees are due by Session One.

Session Two – Hospital Visit (Scheduled Thursday and Friday Evenings during the Month of Program)

Session Two offers a personalized walk-through with an AZYP staff through Banner's Emergency Department, Trauma Bay, and Intensive Care Unit. Participants may have the opportunity to talk with EMTs, nurses, and doctors about patients affected directly or indirectly by substance use.

Session Three – Education *Attendance at Session One and Session Two is required for the final session (First Saturday of the Month, 8:00 am-12:00 pm)

Join us in Session Three for activities and discussions on the consequences of impaired decision-making under the influence of drugs or alcohol. We'll explore the real-life impacts of impaired decision-making, discuss the physiological and physical effects of alcohol and drugs, identify decision-making processes under the influence, and learn refusal skills. A guest speaker will share their personal story, and you can ask them questions. Don't forget to turn in your 500-word essay and logged community service hours during this session.

Reading Aloud in Classroom
  Program Fees:




10 hours

5 hours​

0 hours

# of Community Hours


Wake Up! is recommended for youth who have had a first-time offense for substance use

  • 94% of previous participants have not been re-arrested for a similar offense since completing Wake Up!

  • 81% of the youth in Wake Up! said they would say no if offered alcohol

  • 70% of the youth in Wake Up! reported they would say no if someone offered them Marijuana or Hashish

  • 96% of the youth said they would recommend Wake Up! to their peers

Kari Stewart
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