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How do you change the future?

Dear Friends,

How do you transform the future for youth so they follow a path toward self-sufficiency? It takes Arizona Youth Partnership’s holistic approach and YOU – a caring member of our community.

Melissa grew up in poverty, raised by single mom who worked long hours to provide for herself and her children. Throughout her childhood, Melissa experienced abuse and trauma that led her to look for acceptance in unhealthy places:

Melissa, AZYP Educator
  • She tried alcohol for the first time at age 10

  • She experimented with different drugs until becoming addicted

  • She dropped out of high school at the age of 16

  • At 18, she experienced violence that nearly took her life

Melissa’s addiction and chaotic life grew out of control until she was 25 when she found help and got clean.

Sadly, Melissa is not uncommon. There are 186,773 youth in Arizona considered at-risk like Melissa. Melissa overcame her barriers and now shares her story as an educator at Arizona Youth Partnership (AZYP). She is passionate about our work and every day, she asks: “What if AZYP had been there when I was 11?”

  • What if…Melissa’s mom had enrolled her in a safe, free afterschool program?

  • What if…Melissa and her mother had attended a “Stronger Families” program where her mom learned how to set limits and Melissa learned her value as a human being?

  • What if…Melissa had learned about the risks of using drugs at an early age and gained the skills to say no?

  • What if…a group of community members had created a community where alcohol wasn’t available to underage students?

  • What if…Melissa learned self-acceptance and coping skills that allowed her to see her future?

You can help us change the future rather than asking “What if?”

Every day, your support takes these “what ifs” and turns them into a positive future for Arizona youth and families. When you give to AZYP, we are able to:

  • Deliver Wake Up! a program that assists youth struggling with alcohol or drug addiction

  • Improve outcomes for pregnant teens and stabilize their family situations

  • Create safe spaces for homeless youth in supportive, statewide shelter programs

  • Inspire leadership among all of the individuals we serve

Last year, we impacted over 10,000 youth and their family members in 29 communities across the state; there is more we can do with you on our side.

I invite you to make a special year-end donation of $200, $100, $50, or any amount, to help us create a healthy, bright future for Arizona. It’s easy to make a gift by clicking here. While you’re here, I hope you will take time to learn about the many programs offered by Arizona Youth Partnership that encourage youth to grow into healthy, self-sufficient adults.

Won’t you join us in changing the future?

With gratitude,

Lori Malangone Chief Executive Officer

P.S. AZYP is a qualified charitable organization (20953) and your donation is eligible for the Arizona Tax Credit up to $400 for an individual and up to $800 for couples filing jointly. Contact your tax advisor for more information.

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