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AZYP Secures Vital Funding from AZ Blue Foundation to Strengthen Youth and Family Engagement in Substance Use Prevention Programs

[ARIZONA] – Arizona Youth Partnership (AZYP), a leading nonprofit organization dedicated to youth development, is thrilled to announce the receipt of substantial funding from the AZ Blue Foundation. This generous grant will play a pivotal role in enhancing the engagement and retention of youth aged 10-14, along with their families, in evidence-based substance use prevention programs across Cochise, Mohave, Pima, and Santa Cruz County. 

Specifically, the grant will have a profound impact on AZYP's Hobbies not Habits (HNH) event in Lake Havasu City, scheduled for April 2024. HNH is a community-driven initiative that promotes healthy hobbies, providing a platform for youth to explore new activities, learn valuable skills, and engage with peers and families. Over the years, the event has attracted over 200 youth and families. 


In Mohave County, the funding will focus on eliminating barriers that hinder youth from participating in hobbies available at Lake Havasu City. AZYP recognizes that family finances are a significant obstacle to youth enrollment in such activities. The AZ Blue Foundation's support will be instrumental in removing financial barriers by providing resources such as art supplies, martial arts uniforms, and sports equipment. 

The Young Adult Development Association of Havasu (YADAH), a federally funded coalition, organizes HNH and invites various community organizations to set up activities or workshops for youth of all ages. The ultimate goal is to promote protective factors and reduce risk factors associated with substance use, delinquency, stress, anxiety, depression, and risky behaviors. 


Additionally, AZYP holds state funding through the Governor's Office of Youth, Faith, and Families to facilitate the 8-week Stronger Families Project (SFP) in Cochise, Mohave, Pima, and Santa Cruz County. This project combines skill-building and substance use prevention curricula, including the Strengthening Families Program: For Parents and Youth 10-14 and Parent/Youth Rx360. 

Family dinners are a crucial component of the SFP curriculum, promoting cohesion and participation in Kids at Hope activities. The funding from AZ Blue Foundation will specifically support the provision of family dinners during the sessions, aiming to increase enrollment, retention, and overall engagement. 


These initiatives are designed to serve as preventive and protective factors against high-risk behaviors, particularly substance use. By investing in youth development and family support, AZYP and the AZ Blue Foundation are collectively working towards building stronger, healthier communities. 


AZYP extends its heartfelt gratitude to the AZ Blue Foundation for their commitment to empowering youth and families through these impactful programs. 


To learn more about HNH visit, or SFP visit 

AZ Blue Foundation Press Release
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