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Empowering Futures: Interns Keeli and Dylan Reflect on Their Impactful Journey with AZYP

Arizona Youth Partnership is at the forefront of empowering youth, strengthening families, and building thriving communities. As part of our commitment to making a positive impact, interns Keeli Putnam and Dylan Schoenhardt, both seniors at the University of Arizona, recently wrapped up a transformative four-month internship. Let's dive into the unique experiences of Keeli and Dylan as they contributed to the organization's mission.

Keeli Putnam's Journey

AZYP Intern
Keeli Putnam

Keeli, a public health major with an emphasis in global health, took on a pivotal role within the Youth and Family Division. Throughout her internship, she had the opportunity to facilitate and shadow various classes, including Love Notes, Positive Potential, and the Strengthening Families Program. In doing so, Keeli witnessed firsthand the profound impact these programs have on the local youth community.

As an intern, Keeli went beyond classroom involvement. She conducted research, honed her communication skills, and played a key role in developing and implementing social media campaigns. One standout achievement was her creation of a Toolkit for Parent Advocacy, a comprehensive resource designed to empower parents in advocating for and understanding the importance of healthy relationship education. Keeli's dedication reflects the passion AZYP instills in its interns, fostering a commitment to creating positive change in communities.

Dylan Schoenhardt's Perspective

AZYP Intern
Dylan Schoenhardt

Dylan, another talented intern, shared his enthusiasm for the impactful experience he gained at AZYP. Welcomed by a supportive team, Dylan emphasized the organization's commitment to prioritizing youth in every aspect of their work, as symbolized by the Y in their logo. Throughout his internship, Dylan witnessed the team's dedication to adapting curriculums and making continuous improvements to better serve the evolving needs of the youth they support.

Dylan's role extended beyond observation; he actively contributed to the organization's growth by learning and developing essential skills for his future career. His gratitude for the internship experience was evident as he highlighted the immeasurable knowledge he gained and the personal growth he witnessed in the youth over the course of a single semester.


The stories of Keeli and Dylan Schoenhardt exemplify the profound impact that Arizona Youth Partnership has on the lives of young individuals and families. Through their internships, Keeli and Dylan not only learned valuable skills but also contributed significantly to the organization's mission of empowerment and community development.

As AZYP continues to shape the future by investing in the potential of youth, it is clear that the organization's commitment goes beyond words—it is evident in the real, positive change happening within the communities they serve. Keeli and Dylan's experiences serve as a testament to the transformative power of AZYP and the importance of fostering a generation of empowered individuals and communities.

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