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Young Adult Development Association of Havasu


Founded in 2009, Young Adult Development Association of Havasu (YADAH) is a community coalition formed in Lake Havasu City to address the needs of our youth.

This group of concerned citizens meets monthly to discuss local youth substance use/abuse/misuse and plans strategies to combat access to alcohol, marijuana, prescription drugs used illegally and other drugs as they may become problematic.

YADAH addresses community specific problems while also collaborating with nearby community coalitions to form a unified front toward increasing protective factors and decreasing risk factors for youth in the greater Lake Havasu City area and Mohave County.

2019 Walk Away from Drugs Event

Mission and Vision

Our Mission: Our mission is to bring knowledge and activities to LHC through active engagement of community members to facilitate the maintenance of healthy lifestyles for our youth and their families.

Our Vision: A drug free community that empowers and enriches the lives of our youth and families.

2022 Hobbies not Habits Event

What is a Coalition?

Community coalitions are increasingly used as a vehicle to foster improvements in community health. A coalition is traditionally defined as “a group of individuals representing diverse organizations, factions or constituencies who agree to work together to achieve a common goal.”

Community coalitions are composed of diverse organizations that form an alliance in order to pursue a common goal. The activities of community coalitions include outreach, education, prevention, service delivery, capacity building, empowerment, community action, and systems change.


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Through a partnership with Blue Cross Blue Shield, YADAH is offering financial assistance to up to 50 youths aged 9-17 to help cover the costs of sports, clubs, a hobby, or needed supplies. We are accepting applications starting February 1,2024.

Soccer Player

To apply: Your youth must complete one of the following explaining the activity they want to do, why they chose it, and how it would benefit them:

  • Write an essay

  • Film a Video

  • ​Have an In-Person Interview

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