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Wake Up! Program Registration

Sign up your student for the alcohol and drug education program below

Register for the WakeUp! Drug Education Program Here
Wake Up! Saturday Class Date
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During the Saturday class there will be several short breaks and lunch. At any moment the participants leaves the premises of the building Arizona Youth Partnership is not responsible. If the participant is late coming back from any breaks they may be subject to a fine. If the participant is late being picked up by an hour or more after the program has ended they may be subject to a fine. If the participant drives themselves to the Wake Up! Program they cannot drive or take any other participants with them on any breaks or after the program has ended unless parent/guardian approves.

Pay for Wakeup

  • If your student was referred by Amphitheater School District, you do not need to pay.

  • If you are referred by any other source, you can pay online or bring cash or cashier's check/money order to the first session.

  • To pay online, you will be redirected to our online payment platform after clicking submit

Please Note: The standard fee for our program is $55 with 10 hours of community service. If you have any questions contact Melissa Hanis at 520.261.5503.

If you are having sign up issues, contact:
Melissa Hanis
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