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Teen Maze

Teen Maze is an interactive, 30- 60minute event for high school students focused on decision making and the consequences of using drugs and alcohol. Students start at a party, where they are given a card with a scenario about an unhealthy choice that a teen could make at a party. After participating in a mock party the students then enter the “maze”, where they visit different tables that represent possible consequences of decisions made at the party.

 Stations are run by volunteers from the schools and the community (court, law enforcement, career, hospital), who have a script guiding participants through a discussion about how their decisions affect them, their friends, and their family, as well as what they could do differently.

  • Participation from local law enforcement, health partners, juvenile court helps to increase reality of consequences.

  • Increases students concept of risk associated with drugs and alcohol.

  • Teaches facts about substances not previously known.

  • Sparks conversation with youth about decision-making process.

  • Over 1000 10th grade students participate each year.

  • Teen Mazes have been held at Marana and Mountain View high schools in Marna, Canyon Del Rio High School in Oro Valley, and at Walden Grove High School in Sahuarita.


Our Locations:

Services are provided statewide either in person or through virtual programming throughout the state of Arizona.

If you are interested in seeing one of our programs at your location
please contact us. 

Sara Sherman
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