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Summer Leadership Institute

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This free summer program provides a safe and fun environment for youth (ages 11-17) to learn how to succeed as a leader in their world. Using the “REAL Essentials” curriculum and a community service project, participants learn skills such as how to resist peer pressure, effective communication, building healthy relationships, self-esteem and goal setting.  

Each day of this 5-day program provide opportunities to learn in small and large group settings and collaborate with peers about topics and issues of interest to youth. Prizes and snacks are provided during the institute. 

The REAL Essentials curriculum includes:

  • Understanding yourself and the differences in others

  • Making healthy decisions

  • Dealing with cultural and peer influences

  • Communicating effectively

  • Dealing effectively with conflict 

  • Understanding friendship, dating, and love

  • Avoiding high- risk behaviors

  • Understanding the benefits of and the skills to prepare for healthy relationships

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Check back during the summertime for sign up forms! 

Our Locations:

Services are provided statewide either in person or through virtual programming throughout the state of Arizona.

If you are interested in seeing one of our programs at your location please contact us. 

Kristy Byrnes
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