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2020 Educator Spotlight | Nickolis Joe

Updated: Nov 2, 2022

Nick has been a youth educator since November of 2018. Born in New Mexico, his family relocated to Tucson when he was a baby, so he calls Tucson home. Graduating from the University of Arizona in 2018, he first attended West Hills Community College as a baseball player for two years, and eventually came back to Tucson to attend Pima Community College and the U of A to receive his Bachelors of Science degree in Public Health. Nick mainly teaches the Wyman Teen Outreach Clubs and Summer Leadership Institute.

Nick Joe, AZYP Educator
  • What do you like about being an Educator at AZYP: I want to be a mentor and leader to kids and help them achieve their goals

  • Are things different for youth today than when you grew up?: I grew up in the Amphi School District and played a lot of sports. If there were programs like this, they met after school, so I couldn’t have gone if there were. I like that we teach our classes during school so we can interact with all kinds of kids.

  • What has been a memorable moment for you in the last year while teaching: I was invited by the kids at Ha:san to attend their annual camping trip. It was great to hang out with the kids and teachers in a different setting. Another AZYP facilitator and I led the kids on the following day on an obstacle course and an outdoor, blindfolded version of the crane game and it was a lot of fun. The kids learned a bit of leadership and team work skills too.

Youth from Ha:San Preparatory Academy at their annual camping trip

Fun facts about Nick!

  • He was named 2nd Team All Conference Utility Player, while attending West Hills Community College because he played so many positions while playing baseball there. Go Falcons!

  • His favorite fictional character is: Michael Scott from the Office, because he always tries to do his best, even when it goes south so often!

  • When he is not working he is most likely to be found working out, motorcycle riding, or hanging out with his girlfriend and their cute dogs!

P.S. AZYP is a qualified charitable organization (20953) and your donation is eligible for the Arizona Tax Credit up to $400 for an individual and up to $800 for couples filing jointly. Contact your tax advisor for more information.

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