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2013 – 2014 Annual Report

2013-2014 Annual Report

The 2013-2014 year has been full of great success, and through this year AzYP continues to show resilience and heart.

Three years ago, our Board adopted a new direction for Arizona Youth Partnership that included three new initiatives to meet the needs of the rural communities in Arizona. These three initiatives included a Charter School in rural Marana to meet the academic needs of youth and provide wrap around AzYP services, programs for homeless youth, and job and career development opportunities in our communities.

While the homeless youth projects and job and career development initiatives began in 2011, in August 2013, Open Doors Community School finally opened its doors after three years of planning. To build on the other two initiatives, AzYP was also awarded a Rapid Rehousing program to expand homeless services to youth and families in Marana and provide job and career development services.

In the midst of these successes, the board also welcomed a new Executive Director to AzYP. Lori Malangone has been with AzYP for nearly 10 years and she served as the Deputy Director since 2012. This year, after opening up a search process, she was selected as AzYP’s new Executive Director. Her passion for rural youth and families and her skills in programs and leading teams made her the right candidate for the job.

On behalf of our Board of Directors and staff, we thank you for your support and interest in AzYP. We are looking towards a bright future with new leadership and new opportunities.

-John J. Grimaldi, Board President, 2013-2014

Download the Annual Report below

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