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Youth Resources

Online Sources

Socializing Online

Center for Young Women

Ask a question anonymously, get answers, and find information from professionals


Listen to a podcast series focused on the unique challenges facing young adults living with a mood disorder; online support groups also available

"Your feelings" offers information on recognizing a mental health problem. getting help, and talking to parents

Health Talk

See videos of people with lived experience if mental health conditions


Find emotional health resources and tools to help the transition to college

Letters to Strangers

Write anonymous, heartfelt letters that aim to share and offer support for those who are fighting through difficult times

Mindfulness for Teens

Learn about how mindfulness can help reduce stress; includes apps to practice meditation and guided meditation recordings

All Hands In
Smiling Teen Boy


Share your story of recovery, tragedy, struggle, or hope through creative expression in a safe, moderated online community

Reach Out

Learn about how to help others, find tools and apps, and join the discussion with other teens

Seize the Awkward

Learn how to talk to a friend about their mental health


An emotional health service and therapy provider. Chat confidentially with peers who understand what you are going through

Teens Health

Answers from doctors and recommendations for dealing with feelings, emotions, and relationships

Teen Lifeline

No matter the reasons, when you feel like giving up, DON'T. You are not alone. We are here to listen and help. Please call 602.248.8336 OR 800-248.8336

*Additional Crisis Lines can be found Here

We Matter

Feeling down? Hurt? We Matter is a place indigenous youth can turn to for an uplift, for positive support, or for a reminder that you matter

Young Men's Health

Ask a question anonymously and find answers and guides specifically for young men

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