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Turn 180 Project

Turn 180 Project serves the poor in spirit by creating a space where one does not feel judged or accused, but accepted. The vision of Turn 180 Project is to develop positive lifestyle management skills utilizing an interactive group responsibility model. This allows an individual to progress in the safety of others who share the same uncertainties. These skills are ones used in the home and community. It is an educational program that reaches people of all ages to achieve balance by understanding personal responsibility.

Turn 180 Project will model the values that are taught such as listening, finding solutions, practicing honesty, patience and acceptance. An important aspect of the Turn 180 Project approach is that while it may focus on a particular behavior - criminal behavior, substance abuse, alcohol abuse, aggressive behaviors, learning disabilities, or poor self-esteem - it focused on the development of lifestyle management skills that address the entire range of human behavior.

Turn 180 Project modules include:

  1. Anger

  2. Anxiety

  3. Peer Relationships

  4. Forgiveness: Making Amends

  5. Addiction

  6. Fear and Stress

This program is conducted in groups which foster support and encourage communication. Sharing problems can diffuse feelings of alienation that may be caused by class, race or ethnicity. It also helps foster an atmosphere of honesty and trust in the group. During the week following each session following each session, participants are asked to journal emotions, incidents, successes, pitfalls etc. to create self-awareness.

Kelly Tanner
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