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The Starting Out Right program provides pregnancy and parenting support for youth and adults across Arizona.

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Starting Out Right provides free pregnancy and parenting education, that's meant for those 21 and under. Our instructors will help you make sense of what is happening to your body during pregnancy and prepare you to become a good parent to your baby. You will learn skills to help you make the best choices during your pregnancy, during delivery, and after your baby is born. 


Starting Out Right for Families provides free program services are for all women who are pregnant and/or parents with children under the age of 2. 

You will receive guidance to obtain prenatal care and pediatric care. Facilitators will provide health education for pregnancy, parenting education, and life skills education which includes jobs programming and support to return to school to further education opportunities. 


Active Parenting: First Five Years is a parenting education program that works with parents and their children ages 0-5 on relationship improvement, mental health, and child well-being and behavior. Using a combination of cognitive-behavioral therapy, the understanding of emotion interacting with a child’s brain, and methods for academic success, our program’s goal is to achieve both kindergarten readiness and household well-being. 

a program of Arizona Youth Partnership


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