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360 Substance Misuse Training


Rx360 is a research-based curriculum to raise awareness of the Rx problem, the risks of misuse, resistance strategies, and methods for proper storage and disposal.

RX360 has three different modules: Youth (middle/high school), Parents, and Community.

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Marijuana 360

Marijuana is the most abused illicit drug in Arizona. According to the 2018 Arizona Youth Survey, 44.1% of 12th grade respondents had used Marijuana or a concentrate. Early use of Marijuana can cause impaired thinking, memory, and learning function. This training will help parents/guardians recognize the signs of marijuana use and how to prevent it.


Alcohol and Your Youth

The average age for teen boys to have their first drink is 11, and for girls it is 13. Learn how a parent can play an active part in preventing underage alcohol use.

Anaiz Acosta
P: 520.343.8957

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