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Mohave County Human Trafficking & Domestic Violence Coalition - Futures without Fear

Futures Without Fear Coalition (1)_edite

The Mohave County Human Trafficking & Domestic Violence Coalition-Futures without Fear, is a newly formed multi-disciplinary coalition to build capacity, raise awareness and provide services to minor victims of human trafficking and domestic violence.

Mission and Vision

Our Mission: Create a community environment of safety against human trafficking and domestic violence with collaborative services for survivors.

Our Vision:  Engage, Educate, and Empower communities to change social conditions that enable domestic violence, sexual violence and assault, and human trafficking by raising awareness, educating citizens, and coordinating comprehensive victims services and empowering survivors.


What is a Coalition?

Community coalitions are increasingly used as a vehicle to foster improvements in community health. A coalition is traditionally defined as “a group of individuals representing diverse organizations, factions or constituencies who agree to work together to achieve a common goal.”

Community coalitions are composed of diverse organizations that form an alliance in order to pursue a common goal. The activities of community coalitions include outreach, education, prevention, service delivery, capacity building, empowerment, community action, and systems change.

Kelly Tanner
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