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Dating Violence Prevention

The Dating Violence Prevention Program uses a series of educational resources to teach relationship skills, advocate for safe environments and social norms, and give participants the tools they need to prevent relationship and dating violence in our community.

Our programs reduce the risk of sexual and dating violence victimization and perpetration by participants, and help those currently experiencing violence to get help.

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Arizona Youth Partnership Is Committed To The Safety Of Our Community.

This program brings a series of curriculums into middle and high school settings, college/young adult workshops, and adult ally trainings in Pima, Pinal, Mojave, Gila, Apache, and Navajo counties.

Our trained facilitators educate participants on the warning signs of abuse and how to identify healthy relationships.

Participants gain communication skills, learn about conflict resolution, receive clear definitions of abuse and consent, and leave our classes and workshops with access to resources that can help them or their loved ones in the event of domestic violence and sexual assault.

We implement the Relationship Smarts Plus curriculum in middle- and high-school settings and One Love workshops with all age groups 11-24, and hold adult ally trainings as part of this program.

Sara Sherman
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