Community Change

Arizona Youth Partnership (AZYP) and TASC-CGI (Treatment, Assessment, Screening Center - Community Grant Initiative) are pleased to announce the progress of local youth working to make community change.   

In Focus is a youth coalition comprised of students at K-12 Blended Learning Center.  The members were able to secure a donation of a local outbuilding on the school property.  By collaborating with the property owner, the school administration and parents, they have planned a Teen Center.  Currently, they have held several events in the space.  They hope to expand their operating hours next school year.  They are in the process of securing donations for paint, games, furniture and fixtures so that they can hold movie nights, dances, other activities.  Their goal is to ensure all Kingman teens can utilize the space.

Black Mountain Youth is a youth coalition comprised of students in Golden Valley.  This group decided to focus on making sleeping mats for the homeless.  After collecting plastic shopping bags, they worked with a local advocate, Earlene Maher who taught them to make the plastic-yarn (plarn).  It takes about 750 bags to make one sleeping mat.  As they near the conclusion of this project, they are focusing on a sports themed video public service announcement.  The video will explore how alcohol and other drugs will take you ‘Out of the Game, Out of Life, Out of Action’.  Their vision is to have team players ‘fade out’ as the messages progress.  It is difficult to play a team sport when team members are not present due to circumstances or consequences of early drug and/or alcohol use.

Drug-Free Coyotes is a youth coalition comprised of students within the Yucca School District.  They are assessing public areas to hang substance abuse prevention banners and mentoring activities with younger students within the school.  They wrote a theme song, which, if you ask – they are happy to perform.  It tells of their project and their vision for drug-free youth in their area.  “We don’t do drugs because they are bad, we don’t do drugs, they make you sad…”.  All of this is accompanied by ukuleles.

If you want to get involved or help support one of their projects, please contact Trish Ford at 928 692 5889 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

The “Kingman Area Youth For Success” project is a collaborative effort and funded by the TASC Community Grant Initiative.  TASC is a nonprofit organization whose mission is to provide behavioral health services, substance abuse treatment, education and supportive services. Thank you to TASC for your generous support of healthy, drug-free youth in Kingman.